Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday!

Lots of progress made this past week.  We had quite a bit of rain which is bad for summer things but good for quilting time.

1) Twin baby boy quilts are quilted and ready for binding!!!!!  Most exciting.  The babies arrived last Friday so it would be nice to get the quilts in the mail soon.  I picked up similar but different bindings for the quilts which goes with their similar but different plan.

2)  I started a Wonky Wonky Little Star Christmas table runner.  I was trying to get in the spirit of all the Christmas in July stuff that is going on.  I am using lots of low value Christmas scraps along with the pop of colour.

3) And then there is Gemstones for a Friend!  Finished!!!!  I do love this quilt.  Officially off the work in progress list as it is finished, delivered, loved and blogged about!

And that is it for now!  Keeping that work in progress list done to manageable size!  Linking up with Work in Progress Wednesday!!!!


  1. Twin quilt are so adorable and the mommy will be quite please!!

    Love,love your gemstones colors and pattern:)

  2. The twins quilts are wonderful,I'm sure mommy will be very happy. Love the way your table runner is looking.
    The Gemstones will is awesome, love the color choice.

  3. Very cute baby quilts! And of course, Gemstones is spectacular!

  4. Loooove the color of the baby quilts and the Jewel Quilt is beautiful.