Wednesday, March 2, 2011

sewing treasures

Mum is a great one for passing on family treasures.  Each time she comes to visit, she brings more.  She tells Husband that we will know she is here to stay for good when her house is empty and she has transported everything here one load at a time.  Funny Mum!  She brought me a little treasure a bit ago.  Take a look...

It was Mum's as a child.  It is a little sewing kit.  Enamel on brass, stamped made in Germany.  The brass cap comes off the thread spools so that you can store needles in it.  There is a thimble that Mum is going to look for that goes with it as well.  It used to have a silk tassel on the eye of the case.  And it held endless fascination for me as wee one.  Apparently dates to the 1930s.  Sewing happiness!

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