Thursday, December 15, 2011

Almost there... and farmer's wife blocks check in

Well!  Tomorrow is the last day of school for the holidays and we have a staff lunch to celebrate.  Husband was hard at work today making all these glorious, wee empanada style "tourtiere" meat pies for me to take to the lunch.  Tourtiere is a French Canadian meat pie.  Most delicious and spiced with allspice.  Look at the sweet little trees he put on each pastry.  Oh my goodness, they look so awesome!

And then I was farming away with my Farmer's Wife blocks.  Week 29!!!!!
Block #51 Hovering Birds

Block # 45 Grape basket
I notice when I look a the pictures of the blocks that Grape basket has a bit of wonk at the bottom.  Good grief.  I am going to fix that.  That simply will not do.  I cannot believe I did not notice that!!!!!  Perhaps it is just the way I pressed the seam.  Crossing fingers!!!

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  1. How cool are those pies! Do you rent him out? And love the Farmer's Wife blocks - you must have a good stash by now.