Tuesday, December 20, 2011

baking, shopping, wrapping, playing...

cute?????  a gift from my secretary!  

It has been a busy few days of last minute shopping, last minute baking and last minute playing  (board games and whist!).  Husband and I have made it a goal to avoid all malls in our Chrtistmas shopping preparations and so far it has worked!!!  I have not yet stepped into a shopping mall and yet, we are pretty much finished all that Christmas shopping mayhem.  Yesterday, I even baked.  Yep, for real.  Shortbread stars with dark chocolate drizzles.  A standard for Christmas at this house and today it is sugar cookie time.  Thank goodness the little chicken girls are starting to produce in an impressive fashion.  But if you notice in the egg carton above, one of those eggs is not like the other!  It is a double for sure!

Merry almost Christmas!  Hopefully I will find some quilting time today!

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  1. cute ornament - wonder how your secretary knew you liked quilts!!! LOL those cookies look great - you must have forgotten the recipe! Looking forward to seeing your sugar cookies - do you decorate them?