Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dark and dreary Tuesday on the West Coast

I am busy with Christmas things.  Last evening I played Whist and it was a hoot!  I just love spending time with my card ladies!  Friends are good.

I am knitting up a pile of dishcloths.  They are essential stocking stuffers.  It seems once you start using them, nothing else will do.  I wouldn't know, since I cannot remember the last time I washed dishes.  Yes, I am SO spoiled!!!!!  Husband takes care of all of that.

I also started another wonky little star project.  I think it is going to be a table runner.  I am using some fabrics from my quilting aunties.  It all came in a nice little Christmas tin with a pattern but I am really into wonky little stars so I ditched the pattern from the tin and started playing.

Today is a dark and dreary, cold and misty wet day.  The weather is hard to describe as it is more than mist and less than rain but mostly liquid.  A perfect day for a big bowl of spaghetti, jammies and at least 2 quilts.

Have a lovely evening!


  1. I love using my knitted cloths for cleaning. They work so well.

  2. Girl you live a charmed life - he bakes and he does the dishes!!!! I sure hope you are spoiling him rotten for Christmas, maybe a new blender, or dish cloths in the colours of his team? I am SO coming for a visit one day but I am now thinking of bringing my hubby in the hopes that some of yours will rub off on mine!!!

  3. Knitting dishcloths in that exact colour and pattern is what I was doing on Tuesday night! lol. Too funny!