Thursday, December 29, 2011

So what is happening with the scrap heap?

 January is just around the corner.  Diet advertisements are starting on the television.  Boxing day sales continue to flog all sorts of leftover Christmas excess.  Pretty soon white sales will be happening and somehow because everyone is broke in January grocery stores always have sales on pasta and stuff for tomato sauce.  In quilt blog land, there is a cycle as well.  Many blogs are promoting various scrap busting quilt a-longs and what not.  Rachel at Stitched in Color has something up her sleeve for down the road.  And I have been blabbing about what I am going to do with the leftover bits and pieces.  This is what has been happening in the sewing room over the last few days.

Lots of 4" squares.  Any leftover bits from this cut-fest went into 4 piles.  Nasty bits of skinnies for Mum's weaving which I then used as packing material in the box that I mailed to her today containing her camera which she forgot at our house.  Little itty bits into the bag for ends of string blocks.  Third pile is pieces big enough for Farmer's Wife blocks and lastly all the bits that are not quite 4 " that would make a perfect scrappy stacked coin quilt sometime or pillows or who knows what?

Then I got started sewing and trimming.  I am generating quite a large pile of white triangles that are so far just living in the waste basket because they are really very small but this is making me feel guilty.  Hmmmm.  This pile comes from trimming the blocks and has no redeeming value other than packing material or basket filler. This pile does not generate guilt like the white triangles.

But the result is just making me so happy.  Wonky Scrappy Little Star in the works on a length of flannelette tacked to the wall of the sewing room as a small design wall.  After today's sewing, the stars have grown to half a quilt and it is still making me happy.


  1. I love your scrappy stars! If it makes you happy and uses up scraps, it's a good thing!

  2. Would you come over and help me get started on my own fabrics??? I'll make brownies:)

    Loving your scrappy stars:) I want some Go! dies to make the process easier...

  3. okey dokey - now hta you have sorted your scraps come do mine? Love those wonky stars! So cute!!!