Thursday, December 22, 2011

Can she do it????

Oh man!  I did it!  The Christmas quilt will actually be finished for Christmas.  This quilt is about 75" x 75" and look!  No problem quilting it at all!  There is so much room!  I seriously did not even notice I was in the middle of the quilt because I never had to struggle with rolling the quilt into a tight sausage in order to fit it into the sewing machine.  I am in love even more with my lovely sewing machine!!!!

All that is left is hand sewing the binding!  Yippee!!!

Husband saved a bird that was trapped in the chicken run.  I just had to take a picture of the little sweetie before he let it go!  It was not happy and was yelling at us to hurry up!


  1. Adorable quilt, adorable bird! What a neat photo!

  2. Gorgeous quilt - so lucky with your machine - good to see you putting it to good use! Lucky little bird too!

  3. what a lovely quilt. I have just about finished my Christmas quilt too!