Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Stash...

We got the tree up yesterday and I took a quick picture this morning just as it was getting light.  I have yet to make a tree skirt.  I mentioned it to Husband.  He asked where we got the one we use.  I told him that it came for the dollar store of all things.  But you know what?  It isn't too bad for a dollar!

The local chain fabric store had a big sale this past weekend for members of their "club."  I just love it when I can find great fabric for $5 a metre.  I picked up some Michael Miller Christmas fabric.  The pink is a Kate Spain from a while ago.  I cannot remember what the green and white print is but it has a lovely repeating blue flower motif.   A bit more Sandi Henderson Meadowsweet fabric (the orange and red print) and then the green print near the top is something that I cannot remember either.   The bees had to come home with me.  I am trying to get more fabrics that work in the background or for bindings and that is why I picked up the green print.

I spent the day sewing Christmas things that I cannot blog about until after Christmas.  Very exciting and I have to say that I am still beside myself with glee when using my new and most amazing sewing machine.  I made button holes for some pillow backs and they are the best buttonholes EVER!!!!!!

And Daughter received the "Trees For Sale" quilt in the mail yesterday.  I made it for her.  She did not know that until yesterday when Christmas Parcel number one landed at her house.  We decided to send it to her ahead of time so that she could enjoy it leading up to Christmas.  When she opened it, she said, "It's the quilt form your blog!"  So funny!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Love the tree - it looks gorgeous! And for $1 that tree skirt is pretty good and you can take your time making a new one!