Thursday, December 1, 2011

Farmer's Wife Check In-Week 27

In the true spirit of the Farmer's Wife, we have my weekly blocks on the chicken run fence.  I asked Husband to take pictures of my blocks today and he decided to take them here.  So funny!  If you look closely, you can see that the 'girls' are in the background.  You might also see that Husband has hung Christmas ornaments in the chicken run for them to play with.

Block #72 Railroad

Block #77 Seasons

I decided to go simple with the blocks this week as I was testing out my new sewing machine.  I actually started making another block.  I don't even remember which one but it had some pieces that were reversals of other pieces and I made the mistake of using some solids which then makes it really tricky to see which side is the right side.  I therefore became extremely frustrated and tossed the block with Husband's encouragement.  I was supposed to be having fun with my new machine not cursing little tiny bits!!!  It is all kind of funny in hindsight.  So here they are.  This week's blocks with the chickens!


  1. Your hubby is so cooperative - wonder where he will take the pics next time. Love the blocks.