Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Farmer's Wife Check In: Week 11

Again,  following my strategy of getting a few blocks ahead I made 4 blocks this week.  Actually 5, but one was a disaster and I tossed it into my "not happy pile" at the bottom of a basket. I have a few blocks in my "not happy pile".  I made 2 blocks way back at the start when I had size issues with the templates.  The blocks were the wrong size.  I also have one that I did not like the colours once it was done.  It was banished to the "not happy pile" as well.

I attempted Block #16 Periwinkle but it was a disaster.  It just did not fit correctly together, all puffed up in the centre. Argh!  This must be a block that would work better with paper piecing or the other possibility is that I just seriously messed up with the templates.  "Not happy pile", it went.

 It was quite breezy this morning so the blocks are fluttering a bit!  But I found the cutest little wooden clothes pins in my sewing junk.  I was cleaning up yesterday and unearthed some forgotten treasures.
Block 13  Buckwheat (and it is fluttering and is not really wonky)

Block #14 Butterfly at the Crossroads (fluttering)

Block # 15 Buzzard's Roost  (not enough contrast here, I think I will do a second of this one)

Block #17 Cats & Mice (fluttering in the breeze)

 And then some flowers.  I planted most of the dahlias in the garden last year in rows and we were quite pleased with this arrangement.  This year we planted even more of them in the garden. They are just starting to bloom seriously and they are going to be fantastic!  Husband has done such a great job of slug patrol!

I spy a bee!

 I planted calendulas at the end of every row.  I told Husband about it  but he forgot and weeded several of the plants.  The ones that survived his weeding are really lovely!

A Farmer's Wife update would not be complete without a chicken shot.  Welcome the new girls.  And oops.  We discovered an imposter yesterday.  One of our girls is really a guy.  We named him Larry.  He is going to be lovely.