Thursday, August 18, 2011

Farmer's Wife Check In: Week 12

Block #30  End of Day

Block # 31 Evening Star

Hanging out with the flowers!

Some easy blocks this week and autumn must be approaching because I pulled some very autumnal scraps to make these 2 blocks!  Evening Star was a breeze!  It is really lovely to see the stack of little blocks growing into a substantial pile!

This Farmer's Wife helped Husband pick the Transparent Apples this morning.  There are beans to can and we are coaxing the cucumbers to hurry up and become pickle sized.  We are at that lovely part of the summer when we rarely go to the veggie store.  The deep freeze is filling up and I have lost the chocolate chip cookies that were placed in the freezer.  They are hiding somewhere underneath the frozen berries and all the frozen broccoli!  Hopefully they will surface at some point.  I guess I would have looked harder if they were something I eat.  I am one of the few who do not eat chocolate at all!

Have a lovely end of summer kind of day!

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  1. More lovely blocks and what GORGEOUS flowers!!! Just lovely!