Sunday, August 21, 2011

Having fun in the country...

Hamel's Fabrics

Yesterday, I convinced Husband that driving further out in the Fraser Valley to take part in the "Greendale Country Sampler" would be fun.  He was firmly convinced that the only reason I was interested in this excursion was because it would all start with a quilt shop.  Hmmmm.  He is getting much wiser in his old age!  Well, I knew that the quilt shop would be AWESOME but I thought we would have fun with some of the other farm attractions on the self guided tour.  Just before 10 am, we pulled into the fabulous Hamel's Fabrics.   Hamel's is a wonderful quilt store in the country and one of Canada's biggest online quilt shops, just so you know!  The store is located in a carriage house beside their home in the middle of farms.  It is lovely and yesterday, they did not disappoint.  There were quilts hanging from porches and fences and sales, sales, sales!  Have a look...

look a the points in the border!!!!!!

real live cows in the field behind the quilt in the distance....

Fabulous applique!  Husband was sitting in the van admiring the quilts from a distance.  He was convinced these quilts were painted.  I was able to convince him to get out of the van to look.  He was sure he would have to hand in his "man card" because he actually got out of the car at a quilt shop.  Funny guy!

So what else did we see?  Right next store to Hamel's, we visited Smits and Co.W. Cheese (amazing Gouda!  Nevermind the ice cream, popcorn, coffee and cheese fondue they were serving up for the festivities!) then drive to Anita's Organic Grain Milling,  a honey farm  (we picked Blueberry honey as our favourite and brought some home, tee hee!), an organic herb farm, and a pottery.  It was a lot of fun!  Notice how the only pictures I took are of the quilt store!

I should mention that Hamel's has a truly great selection of all sorts of wonderful quilting fabric. The have great solids and they are reasonable. Moda Basics are only $7.95 a metre.  I picked up a half metre cut of Henna Garden in Turquoise for $2!!!!  Ya, crazy!

Have a super day.  I am back to work tomorrow!  Holidays are almost over... sigh!


  1. those quilts are amazing!
    You really scored at the by-the-pound sale.

  2. Lucky you - sounds and looks like you had a great time. Tell your hubby to wear a mask next time and noone owill know it is him!

  3. I just visited Hamel's for the first time on a road trip to the Cariboo. Loved it - two floors!!

  4. That looks like such a great place. You know last year at the local quilt show I asked a man if he was a quilter. There were a couple of quilts at the show by a man and this guy was standing around waiting to pick up a quilt so I thought maybe it was him. Well, it wasn't him and honestly the look on his face!!! He was so flustered and could barely get out the "No, no, the wife ..."