Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I spy... a rug!

My Mum is just so clever!  She takes olds sheets, and all sorts of cast off clothes, cuts them into rags with her way cool rag cutter and then weaves beautiful rugs with her antique Swedish Rug Loom.  I asked for a multi-coloured, old-fashioned rag rug recently and Mum delivered this when she came for a visit!  It is really lovely! I can find leftover bits and pieces of my quilts in this rug too.  I give Mum all my trimmings and little strippy leftovers.  Thanks Mum!  I must say it looks lovely on the floor.

I have an idea.  I am going to make an "I Spy" wall quilt for my office at work.  It will give the students who visit me in my office something interesting to look at.  What do you think?

These are the I spy-ish fabrics that I have gathered so far...

I think it is a good start!


  1. So now I know where you got your wonderful creative talent(s) from Cathy! Your Mum's rag rug is lovely, very Scandinavian. Love it.

  2. I LOVE rag rugs you lucky girl! And I love the idea of an I spy quilt for school - what is your job at school?

  3. Ilove the rug what a wonderful idea.