Friday, August 12, 2011

Vintage Sheet Baby Bonnet!!!

Oh my goodness!  I had some fun today.  I had an idea that vintage sheets would make LOVELY baby bonnets!  Mum and I were out thrifting this morning and we searched in all the old patterns for a baby bonnet pattern but we had no luck! I had done a bit of googling for a tutorial and found this one.  With a few modifications, SUCCESS!  I think it is so darned cute.  Husband thinks I have lost my mind.  I did not have a baby handy to test drive this super soft and sweet bonnet but hopefully you get the idea.

Okay, so what did I modify?  First of all, I did not think that the bonnet needed any interfacing.  The ties are too long so I shortened them about 4 inches.  I did not use bias tape to make a sleeve for the ribbon, rather I tucked under 1/4" of the last unfinished edges of the bonnet and pressed.  Then I edge stitched about an inch in length right on the edge of this turned under bit.  This is so that once the ribbon is inserted, no icky raw edges hang out. I then stitched the edge of the bonnet across, leaving the aforementioned 2 small openings for the ribbon.  And then made a second line of stitching, 3/4" from the edge to make a housing for the ribbon.  This worked really nicely, leaving the bonnet super soft for baby.  I had some really lovely striped grosgrain ribbon for the back of the bonnet but you could also make another vintage sheets tie to put in there, maybe a contrasting colour.

I used a bit of solid pink from a vintage sheet border for the ruffle on the bonnet.  Cute or what? And it did not take long to make at all!!!!!  Now we just need to find a baby for it!


  1. Beautiful! You did a wonderful job and I love the vintage feel of this bonnet. Thanks so much for sharing.


  2. Very Cute! I wish I'd started my granddaughter on bonnets when she was still an infant - at 19 months old now - she may object!

  3. So so cute -- and a great idea. Vintage sheets have a perfect nostaligic charm for an item like this and I bet it's soft. Now you just need a baby!!! You should send the project to the vintage sheet blog.

  4. Adorable! My step mom bought my oldest a bunch of bonnets when she was born. I have some cute pictures of my girls in them.

  5. I've been meaning to comment on how very sweet and cute and lovely your little bonnet is Cathy. And look, I just have. No babies here, but if there was I'd love them to wear a bonnet like yours!