Monday, August 8, 2011

On the design wall... okay the barn wall then

On the design bed

On the barn wall

close up!

I have been working on Clovers (aka Card Tricks) Part 2.  Made with sample fabrics from my lovely LQS and I cannot believe how far this stack went.  I have such a lot of it leftover.  Enough for another project for sure.  I am using Moda Snow for the background fabric.  Very nice solid.  I like the feel of it.  I will need 25 blocks for this quilt.   I was obsessing with getting the points perfect.  I am happier with it.  And I love the fabric a lot.  Soft and fuzzy, muted florals.  So shabby chic that I cannot stand it.  Sigh.

From the farm kitchen this morning, the first batch of bread and butter pickles.  These are our absolute favourites and we were right out!  It was a pickle catastrophe!  Husband was thanking the pickle gods this morning when he saw the jars all lined up.

I will be linking up with with Judy at the Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday!

Flowers for you!


  1. Love bread and butter pickles, do you give out your recipe?

  2. another really lovely soft and pretty quilt on the go! Love it - flowers gorgeous too