Saturday, August 27, 2011

Flea Market Finds!

Well!  This was a total find and found during a complete last minute stop at a thrift store to drop off a bag of stuff.  Husband and I had a bit of a late start to our Saturday routine because we arranged to send a shipment of blueberries to Mum with our niece.  We loaded up her little car with blueberries and off she went on her first official road trip to Gramma's house, a 4 hour plus drive away.  But I digress.  First stop was at my favourite thrift store in the next town.  They were having a big sale and I did find a few things for next to nothing but they were not taking any donations and I had a big bag of stuff to donate.  I convinced Husband to cruise by my second most favourite thrift store so I could drop off the donations.  He likes to get rid of stuff so how could he refuse?  I asked him if he would mind waiting while I pop in for a quick peek.  Heavy sigh of resignation.  It was really hot today.  Off I went and did a quick circuit.  And there it was.   Waiting for me, behind a few other handbags.  Even the lady at the cash told me I had found a really nice purse and for only $2!!!!!!  Yep, a Dooney and Bourke All Weather Leather bag.  It looks brand new.  They retail for upwards of $160.  Total score.

Spools of thread.  Most are new, complete with plastic wrapping.  All excellent quality and in just the colours I was needing last evening for a project I started.  Well, maybe not the acid yellow thread but it should be a good one for basting! I picked up the basket because I needed somewhere to put my thread and other things and it came home with me too for 25 cents!

A glass vase for Husband's lucky bamboo which needed a new home.  This is quite nice with a green tinge to the glass. 25 cents.

Very cool knitting dictionary with awesome pictures and simple clear instructions. 50 cents.

Finally, a thrifty gift from Mum, Cookery Notes.  I love it!!!  Lots of room for your own recipes along with some already there.

I will be linking up with Sophie's Flea Market Finds and hopefully with Apron Thrift Girl's "Thrift Share Monday" on Monday!

Check out all the other fabulous thrifty finds!  It is just so much fun!



  1. The glass vase is lovely! and what a find with the purse.

  2. Great finds. I can't go past spools of thread. x

  3. What a score! I love that knitting dictionary very handy indeed.

    E :)

  4. very well done great purse to find for the fall and winter.

  5. what a find with your purse. I love the cookery book too. beautiful.

  6. The Dooney and Burke purse is a great find, congrats.

  7. You definitely scored with that D&B purse! Way to go!

  8. The handbag is lovely - what a find!