Monday, October 17, 2011

Design Wall Monday!

I haven't put up all my Farmer's Wife Blocks in a long time to see if they are working nicely together.  I surprised myself with the number of blocks I have made.  We just finished week 20 and I knew that I was a little bit ahead because I did that on purpose in case I got busy.  But I did not remember how many blocks I actually have made!  48 blocks!!!!!  Wow!  Only 62 to go!

I do love how they look on the barn wall but it takes me forever to do this!  I pin them up with straight pins and it was breezy so I had to triple pin most of the blocks.  Crazy quilter that I am!  I love how it is all looking.  Lovely and scrappy.

And here is our lovely Webster showing off his guava scented designer shampooed locks.  Fluffy and soft, he is.  Just a big overgrown puppy!

I will be linking up with Judy's design wall Monday!  Check it out!


  1. I love your blocks! They look great!

  2. Your blocks looks lovely!!! but I am a doggy person so not as lovely as the gorgeous Webster! bet he would just love a game!

  3. What a gorgeous display on the barn wall, and such a lot of work to get that look. The blocks are beautiful.
    - Joy

  4. How pretty. Your colors are really nice. How did you choose your fabrics?

  5. Might take forever to pin them up, but it makes a great picture!