Thursday, October 27, 2011

Farmer's Wife Check-in Week 22

Last rose of summer?

Block #66 Periwinkle
 I had seriously avoided this block for a long time because I attempted it and it landed in my "not happy" pile. The first attempt ages ago was seriously messed up and was so bizarre that I just crumpled it in a pile and felt like stomping on it.  I thought, what the heck, I will give it another try.  I did not select very exciting fabric because I thought it would be another disaster.  But alas, it turned out.  So there.  I had to take pictures inside because it was POURING the other day when I was ready to take pictures.
Block # 83 Spider Web
 Cute little block but my centre is not perfect.  Such is life.  I am going with it.  I would make this one again though.  FUN!  Maybe I will make one of these for each season and throw it in the pile.  I think I have said that there are some blocks that I kind of think are lame so I don't want to make them.
Block #18 Century of Progress
I also avoided this block for ever because it was complicated or what.  I did not do this one perfectly because  I have some of the colours in the wrong spots according to the picture in the book but I think that the way the book has it is, a little off anyway.  I am just going to think about this one and decide later if I want to redo it or not.  I made it scrappy and I used all my little pink butterfly scraps right down to nothing.

So that is my farmer's wife week.  On the school front my super dooper basketball team won both of their games today.  We are at 3 wins, 1 loss so far.  I cannot take credit for their play however because I have a fabulous parent coaching and I just facilitate.  So exciting!

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  1. What a gorgeous rose! Hard to imagine that before long you will be wearing snow boots and I will be sweltering! At least the bears will be hibernating! Great blocks! Love orange one best - looks like a pie - pumpkin?