Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Farmer's Wife Check-in Week 20

Week 20!  This week I finished my two little blocks in between Thanksgiving weekend fun.  I had somehow skipped past these blocks so I acted mature and made them.  I tend to pass a block when I see that there are 20 itty bitty triangles along with a bunch of other tiny pieces.  Corn and Beans has a lot of little triangles.  The names are always a big question.  I usually run upstairs to show Husband a newly completed block and announce to him with great drama... "Corn and Beans."  Then he looks at me with one eye brow raised and I tell him just to go with it.  So without further ado... I introduce to you, Duck and Ducklings and Corn and Beans!

Block #28 Duck and Ducklings

Block #22 Corn and Beans

Autumn Sedum
And I am feeling much more human today!  Thank goodness!


  1. Teaching in a new school is always good for a whole bunch of new colds. That happened to me every time I started in a new school. Love the quilt squares. Glad you feeling better today.
    - Joy

  2. those names are classic - but the blocks are still pretty!

  3. Pleased you are feeling much better.
    I am so looking forward to seeing your blocks put togethr. The colours are fabulous.