Monday, October 24, 2011

Design Wall Monday!

I finished all the blocks today for this quilt. "Coming Home" from Camille Rosekelly's book Simplify.  She made it as a table topper but I went large lap quilt.  I used a bunch of fabric samples from my fabulous local quilt shop's "by the pound sale."  I am not even sure what the line is but it is pretty!  I did a little tweaking with the blocks and was able to get the top completely put together yesterday afternoon.  Yippee!  I really like this pattern.  Nice and quick but looks more complex.

I will link up with Judy's Design Wall Monday too!  It is always fun to see what other people are up to.  I have so many quilts on the go right now that I feel like I am my own factory.


  1. It is lovely - it looks really cozy!

  2. I have a gazillion charm packs and have been thinking of making this quilt with them. I really like yours!

  3. Cathy it looks like it might be fabrics from French General. I've not been to a place with a "by the pound" sale. We've got them around here and one even allows you to "trade by the pound" for new fabrics. Don't know if I'd trust myself... Sandi