Friday, October 21, 2011

Hello! Farmer's Wife Check-in Week 21

Block # 58 Mother's Dream

Block # 97 Waste Not
Hello everyone!  I have had a REALLY busy week at school with many, many evening obligations so much so that I have not had time to think let alone blog. I was even coaching basketball.  Something I know very little about.  Last evening it was a Halloween Spooktacular for little children at school so it was all about pumpkin bowling and fun stuff like that.   Even daughter was complaining that I was boring because I had not blogged for a few days!  Well.  Here I am!  And it is the weekend and it is rainy.  That means tons of sewing for this cowboy!

First up, my farmer's wife blocks for this week.  Lots of fun.  The top block, Mother's Dream was easy and basic and I threw in some red and blue because I needed a bit more of those colours.  The Waste Not block is just plain cool!  I really like it!  It came out well with no need for paper piecing.  Husband was impressed because it is so different.  It looks modern and yet was from 1922.  I say that the designer of this block was way ahead of her time!

This week, my fabulous local quilt shop had their anniversary sale.  They had an evening open house.  I was so seriously whiny because I had a MEETING!!!!!  I could not go!  Oh my goodness.  After work today I had to zip over to the next town and just managed to convince Husband that they might still have a bit of sale on.  Wahoo!!!!  The sale was still on.  I told the ladies that I was whinging and whining about missing the sale evening and they assured me I pretty much only missed the donuts.  Total relief!  I still got my name in the draw and I still found a lot of lovely things on sale.  I will show and tell soon.

Happy weekend!!!!


  1. Loving the new blocks - the red looks great and those grapes are looking lovely!

  2. I love your new blocks. Using your garden as a background is fabulous!