Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fresh Sewing Day and Just Three for May...

Oh, my goodness!  I made my first mosaic using PicMonkey!!!!  So terribly exciting!  I was surprised by all the options and am going to work on changing up my blog header maybe even this weekend.

Well, what did I do this month?  I accomplished all my Just Three for May goals.
1)  I hoped to finish my Ruby Trellis quilt.  Done.
2)  I wanted to finish the Wedding Quilt.  That is it all rolled up because I don't want to spoil the surprise.  It is done.  This is the quilt that I was enlisted to help with.  I thought up the block.  The bride picked the colours and sent out the instructions to friends and family.  Blocks started arriving in the mail and I put it altogether and it looks awesome!
3)  Then I wanted to sew something fun.  I made 3 fun things.  A new dog bed for Webster.  A pillow with a block I had not made before and I also made a Jane Market Bag.

Not too shabby!  I cannot wait to show the wedding quilt but that will have to wait until at least June 11th.

Edited because I forgot to add my goals for June!

What am I going to set for goals for June????  Just three...

1)   Finish the cross string block scrappy quilt because it just looks so cool!
2)   Make something from my Zakka Style book but i have to order some linen
3)  Fill up my new wall of shelves with all my fabric that will most likely be finished this weekend!!!!

and I am sure I will do more than that!

Yesterday, I spoke about my favourite quilting tools.  Several people have wondered about the Hera marker.  You have to check these out if you do not have one.  They are not expensive.  Basically, they are used to mark fabric by impressing a line into the fabric.  The tool has a fairly sharp, narrow plastic edge that will mark a totally visible line that does not impact the fabric over time.  I use it for marking quilting lines most often and for diagonals on HSTs.      

I would have replied to a few of the comments but there are some NO REPLY bloggers out there.  I am not ignoring you, I just cannot reply.  This is the fix, people!!!!!

I am going to link up with Fresh Sewing Day at Lily's Quilts and Just Three with Tracey!  Happy Thursday!

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  1. I wish I had your enthusiasm, talent, and energy !

  2. I love that Ruby quilt :) Can't wait to see the whole wedding quilt too!

  3. Beautiful! Love the Ruby Trellis quilt.

  4. Beautiful Ruby quilt...I love that fabric!

  5. LOL! I was so excited to see that PicMonkey has the mosaic feature available now, too! Your mosaic and the projects in them look amazing ;-)

  6. love the aqua and red quilt! lovely!

  7. You Ruby Trellis is beautiful!!!

  8. Ruby trellis is so pretty! I'm definitely going to get the Jane market bag pattern!