Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stash... and a birthday

In my technicolour dream world, batting would arrive at my house magically in giant rolls.  An endless supply with which to sandwich quilts.  I have to say that I used my 50% off coupon at my fabulous local quilt shop to buy a lot of batting.  Not the endless roll in my technicolour dream world but at least as much as they had in the store on the roll at that time.  It should keep me going for a bit.  And that is a good thing.

I also picked up a scrap bag.  Sweet!  I have this line in the boy colours already so it is fun to have some of the pink!

It is our son's birthday today.  I cannot believe that he is 27!  It seems like just yesterday.  I tried to convince some of my staff that I was really young when he was born but that didn't really fly.  Having a 27 year old makes me think that only people who are older have 27 year old children and I still don't think of myself as old!  Son says that I am older though.  Silly boy.  Happy birthday, clever son!


  1. My baby will be 29 this year and no I do not feel that old.
    Now that is some quilting ahead of you.

  2. You are right...we are not older at all!!!

  3. my baby will be 42 june the 1th thats old