Thursday, May 10, 2012

Off to quilt guild tonight...

I am going to my second official meeting of the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild.  Just so darn much fun. 

We had some visitors in the field and at the pond last evening.  Husband and I spent some time watching them.  We were harassed by pugnacious hummingbirds the whole while.  I guess we were too close to the hummingbird feeders.  My deer pics are a tad fuzzy but you get the idea.  We feel honoured to have the deer visit.  Have a super evening!


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  1. Hummingbirds! HUMMINGBIRDS!!! I love hummingbirds and in the three years I lived in CT I only saw one for a fleeting glance- and you get to be harrassed by them! SSSOOOOOO jealous! Love your deer too but really Hummingbirds? Sigh!