Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Saturday Finish...

I finished a pillow today.  This was my "just for fun" project for the month of May.  And it was fun!  I used a mess of green scraps and really quilted it.  I mean really quilted it.  The back is a simple envelope closure with big, mismatched buttons.  I love how my sewing machine makes buttonholes.  It is almost to user friendly.  I put some batting in the back too this time to give the pillow a little more substance.  Husband says it has good squish-a-bility.  Yep.  That is a good thing.  The foliage print makes the pillow hard to see in this picture beside the big woods.  Camo-pillow.

Lots of straight line quilting.  I mean lots.  Garage sales were a bust today but I was treated to a lovely pedicure from lovely daughter for Mother's Day!  So much fun!