Monday, May 14, 2012

Who knew?????

I learned something completely exciting last week at the FVMQG meeting. There is a little store right here in my town that sells of all things, Aurifil thread.  I am completely stunned at this news.  Not only is it right here in my town but it has by far, the best pricing on Aurifil thread anywhere and no shipping!!!!  If they don't have the colour you want, they will order it and have it for you in just a few days.  I could not believe it.  Made my day.  I zoomed over the other day after work and picked up some purple for the wedding quilt and a spool of grey, just because.  Two very nice ladies were happily on hand to help me with my choices.  They have a small selection of quilting cottons including some solids.  So there.  Right here at home.  Happiness.


  1. Lucky find! I usually order it online, but there is at least one shop nearby that sells it. Maybe I should keep my dollars local. It's probably about the same as online plus shipping.

  2. What a lucky find! Best to support local or they won't stay around.

  3. There is no better place to shop than in your home town. How nice for you, no more ordering online and best of all no shipping cost.