Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Perfect Day...

Husband declared today to be the "Perfect Day."  And it was.  Blue skies, warm with a slight breeze.  Flowers, trees, birds and bees.  A perfect day.  We planted a mother's day tree.  A magnolia.  I picked the spot.  The only spot in the yard, it seems with a giant boulder in just the place we wanted to plant the tree.  Good grief.  Husband had to go all cave man on it to get it out of the hole.

On the quilting front... I sandwiched, quilted and bound the wedding quilt.  No photos yet though.  And I sandwiched the Garden Trellis quilt.  I made the back yesterday and the back is really the only thing on the design clothesline this weekend.  I had to make all sorts of tough quilting decisions on the how to quilt the wedding quilt and which fabric to use for binding but the stage of each quilt is such that design decisions are not on a wall.

So here is the back of the Garden Trellis quilt on a sunny Mother's Day.  The perfect day.  Even the blueberries are blooming.

Linking up with Judy's Design Wall Monday!  Happy Mother's Day!!!


  1. I supposed you could have moved to another spot once you found the boulder - but who doesn't love to see their man go a little bit cave man every once in a while! Lucky girl!

  2. Never fails on the rocks.... love your yard, looks great. I think so much of the fun of making a quilt is the decisions that we get to make along the way!

  3. Beautiful photo of the backing on the line! It was a perfect day!