Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Seeing quilts in crazy places...

I bought some more kleenex tissues on the weekend.  Husband and I have been powering through them because of our mega sniffle colds.  I bought 2 mulitpacks in fact and grabbed one of the boxes to put down near the sewing machine.  I paused, and thought, man, it's a quilt pattern!!!  Would you have a look?  It looks like a modern quilt.  Can't you just see it in bright yellow and orange?????? 

This is when you know you have really gone quilt crazy when you are even seeing quilts on Kleenex boxes.

Two special things coming up in the next few weeks to coincide with the Quilt Market.  The Sew Mama Sew giveway day which I spoke about yesterday but also the Blogger's Quilt Festival...  So much fun.  I have to think about which quilt to enter.  HMMMM... what about you?


  1. Great modern quilt pattern - cool bananas!

  2. too on the kleenex box pattern. I did an owl applique wall hanging based on one. Makes us addicted to quilts....?