Sunday, September 9, 2012

Flea Market Sunday... Thanks Mum!

All my flea market finds are courtesy of my Mum.  Thanks, Mum!  This is a stunning Arcopal milk glass serving bowl.  Arcopal is a very fine French milk glass.  So lovely.  Mum paid about $4 for it at her local thrift store.  Good shopping, Mum!

Be still my beating heart!  Look at all the canisters!  Mum said, "What should I do with all these canisters?"  I said, "Bring them to me!"  So she did.  The sunflower set above was a Mum garage sale find and the rest are Mum originals.  Meaning they were Mum's from way back.  Maybe even wedding or shower gifts.  Mum said she is still using the large one of the blue flowers with wheat so I can't have that one yet.  It is her flour canister.  I can wait!

Happy rest of your day!