Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fresh Sewing Day!

I made this mosaic yesterday and thought I was missing a finish.  I was.  I put it down below.  Just imagine it in the centre, in that white space where it should have been.

As I do my little review here, I am thinking... not too shabby for the month of September.  September included school start up which is a super busy time for me in my day job-elementary school principal.  September also included a family wedding and gathering of the clan and all sort of other busy stuff!  So not too shabby.

I finished "Kona Modern Quilts" Modern Baby for a guild challenge.  Cynthia Frenette is the fabric designer and illustrious guild member.  Then I made the "wonky log cabin in blue floating in white" cushion.  Two Jane Market bags and an iPod cozy.  Shabby Chic Baby in pink arrived on the scene much to my delight because I loved making it and it is just too pretty for words.  And I made good progress on my Proverbial quilt.  You can sing if you like.  I also finished "Feels Like Fall" which is the quilt I forgot to include in the mosaic.  I should have made a new mosaic when I realized that it was forgotten but that is a whole other story.  Trust me, it is better this way!

Linking up with Lynne at Lily's Quilts for Fresh Sewing Day!!!!  Happy October for tomorrow!


  1. Lots of lovely makes Cathy! Love your purple tote bags :-)

  2. Nice work lady! All kinds of pretty stuff!

  3. I love that wonky star quilt... And i like the colours too!!! I am putting that on my wishlist of quilt to do!!