Thursday, September 13, 2012

Modern Scrappy Bits Swap!

I received my modern scrappy bits swap package today all the way from lovely Elizabeth in Salt Rock, West Virginia!  So exciting!!!!!!!!  Look at this lovely needle book.  I adore the fabric.  I took a picture of both the front and the back.  And I know that I commented on this in Flickr!

Here is the back.  Just as cute.  And then don't be too jealous but look at all the scraps!!!!  Lots of lovely florals and even some Backyard Baby.  I remember drooling over this pile of scraps when the picture was posted in Flickr too!

But wait... we are not done yet.  Nope a cutey patootey little mirror and case with sewing machine fabric on the mirror!  Snazzy!

And Elizabeth forgot to stick the post card in so she mailed it separately and it came today too.  Love the outhouse shots!

Elizabeth blogs at in the boon docks and I am going to go and get to know her better by visiting her blog.  I am delighted that she was my scrappy partner!  Thanks so much, Elizabeth!


  1. Such a sweet needlebook. What a wonderful little bundle of fabrics and goodies.

  2. When I saw that needlebook in the flickr pool, I knew I'd be jealous of whoever won it because that fabric is just GORGEOUS. But then I found it at Hawthorne Threads and bought some for myself :D Still so beautiful though!

  3. You are so welcome! I love it! My partner sent me wonderful things too! I wrote on flickr about it! Leona is talking about doing another one! I already follow you! I had to find out what you liked. Your beautiful needle book help me figure out how to make one. Hope to do it again soon! Stop by the giveaway blog hop tomorrow! Unless, you find a why to mail them day away but I love bluberries. I am so glad you are pleased!

  4. I don´t like to be jealous but this needlebook is so adorable. Great parcel!

    Karin på Ösäter

  5. So cute!!! And awesome scraps!! You had a great swap partner! And hey! I recognize that sewing machine fabric on the little mirror wink wink! :D

  6. Oh Cathy, that needlebook is just darling, is that hand drawn or is it a printed fabric? I justlove it. You got lots of nice goodies, what a great swap!