Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Stash

 I went looking for a couple of Halloween fat quarters yesterday.  I also wanted some hexagons for paper piecing.  I have to say the I did get side tracked.  I found more Mendocino!!!!!  I thought I had scooped the lot of it at this particular store in the summer time.  Seriously people.  I guess folks that shop at this store just don't appreciate Heather Ross or something.

After I found all this, I did manage to find some Halloween fabric that I liked.  I have to say I am not a big Halloween fabric fan but the quilt guild is going to have a little Halloween goodie bag swap and the goodie bags are supposed to have 2 fat quarters of Halloween-y fabric.  I bought some Ghastlies.  Cats and brambles.  Delightfully awful.

Happy first day of fall and Happy Birthday, Husband!!!!

grapes are ripening!


  1. Ha! The Gastlies are awesome! Great choice!

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  3. Sorry Cathy, type; BOO I love the fabrics you found, and for sure the cats are scary! Debbie