Friday, September 14, 2012

New Books...

It is my birthday weekend and Husband indulged my book list.  His birthday is coming soon so we ordered books I wished for and books he wished for.  It was a win win!  Both of these books have been on my "wouldn't it be nice" list.  Happy!  And I am hoping for a quilt shop visit too.

And now I am off to play cards with my whist ladies.  Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Happy Birthday! Two good books, hope you get a trip to the LQS.

  2. Happy BIRTHDAY !!!! Great books, have a great birthday weekend.

  3. Happy birthday!!! Have a great birthday sewing & treats & fun weekend!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday Awesome Cathy, Happy Birthday to you!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend. I have that Word Play book and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to playing around last weekend and made 4 words for a "things I love" quilt for ME! "Greetings", "Woof", "Meow" & "Family" up are coffee, chocolate, baseball, quilts and probably a bunch more You are gonna love it too.