Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jane Market Bags

I have made several Jane Market bags since I bought the pattern.  I made two more on Sunday.  I have made a few tweaks to the pattern which make sense to me but you might just want to go with the standard pattern.

The first thing that I do is make the bags out of home decor weight fabric.  I like the bags to be sturdier.  Both the bags were made with thrifted home decor weight fabric and lined with quilting weight cotton from my stash.

The second tweak is that I cut the corner at 3" square rather than 4" square.  This makes a taller and narrower bag which I prefer.

The third tweak is that I sandwich the handles inside between the lining and the outer bag.  I still stitch a nice little "x" to anchor the handles but I like the handle ends hidden.  When using the home decor weight fabric there is a lot more bulk and it makes it more difficult to finish the ends of the straps neatly.  That problem is solved by hiding them between the lining and the outer shell of the bag.

So there.  Jane Market Bags times two.  Set for shopping.

pocket detail

wow!  that's lining!!!
lining on bag one is more sedate


  1. Love that first one with the roses!

  2. They are super, I love the bright lining on the 2nd one

  3. Oooh nice!! That looks like a good pattern for sure. I think I'd do the same mods, particularly with the handles, it looks nicer!