Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Flea Market Finds

Last weekend, we drove by a garage sale and I convinced Husband to turn around and go back to it.  He thought there would be nothing left as it was already noon.  Harumph.  He was happy to find a plant and then a whole pile of metal ducting for something or other.  It made him quite happy.  I found nothing.

Today I convinced him to drive over the way and visit a garage sale close to home.  He was not at all into it but he went along with my plan.  I immediately saw that the garage sale was filled with "guy stuff".  You know.  Dusty old tools.  Smelly bits of this and that.  More tools.  Maybe somethings in boxes with odd shaped bits of metal.  Tires.  Beer glasses. Not much girl stuff at all.  He rapidly closed the deal on 3 sets of metal shop or garage shelving for $5 each.  I found nothing until I spotted these 2 old kitchen chairs.  When I asked the price, the response was, "make me an offer."  Five bucks each?  Deal.  Now they are mine.  I have a lot of chairs.  Now I have 2 more.  The one on the left is VERY heavy.  I think it might be maple. The chairs have been sanded down but nothing more.  They may become painted black chairs at some point.  We shall see.  Husband thinks they look like Mr. and Mrs. in the picture I took.  And old chair couple sitting in the garden.

Mum brought me this beautiful vintage sheet when she was down last.  It is absolutely lovely.  And then today I found this set of buttons at a wee thrift store.  They are seriously vintage.  Made of glass and they make a lovely sound like only glass buttons make when the jangle together.  Aren't they a beautiful colour?

Have a wonderful rest of your day!


  1. Love the garage sale bargins! The buttons are a gorgeous colour.

  2. Awesome finds!!! I love the buttons and the chairs are just great-they sure do look like a mr & mrs!

  3. oh how I love those buttons. good finds all around

  4. Good golly are those your dahlias? Wow!! Great finds this weekend, good for you!

  5. I love those buttons and your chairs- My gran had chairs like that in her farm house home. They just make me smile looking at them. Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds.
    I think I would find a special bowl and put those buttons in them so that I could just sit and admire them every time I got the chance.
    Warmest regards,

  6. I love you buttons they are beautiful! Old chairs are wonderful things, my mother would love those two!