Thursday, September 27, 2012

The thing about blogging is...

You get to meet some really lovely people, even if it is only through email and comments and lovely packages in the mail.  You get to have a wonderful group of friends that are part of a really snazzy online community.  And that is why I have a new pair of shoes.  Milk glass shoes to be precise. Julianne sent me shoes!!!!!

 I met Julianne months ago when she started commenting on my blog.  Julianne had some questions about some of my quilts and blocks and I had some answers.  Julianne knows how much I love milk glass and she found these wee shoes in a thrift shop and thought of me!  I feel very lucky to have somebody feeding my milk glass habit!  Thank you so much, Juliannne!!!!  You are a dear.  Now I have to say that these wee shoes travelled all the way from California to Canada in perfect shape.  Probably because they were sandwiched with some super lovely fabric!  Yep!  Super spoiled, I am.  Tea cups!  On fabric!  So much fun.  Julianne has started blogging too and you can find her at Quilting with Calicos. 


  1. how wonderful. I love blogging friends and your goodies are great.

  2. Love the milk glass shoes! I often see what looks like milk glass when thrifting. How can you tell if it is real?

  3. Blog friends are wonderful, and yours has very nice taste. Off to visit Julianne's blog.

  4. Awww!! Thanks Cathy, you're a sweetheart! I was so worried that the shoes wouldn't make it there in one piece! I am so glad that they are ok and that you love them...I thought they were so fun and different!!

  5. Oooooh lucky you!! I have one of those shoes too in a very pale blue colour milk glass. And nice fabrics too!
    blogging buddies are the best, I've met and gotten to know some fabulous friends that way!