Sunday, January 27, 2013

Half a can of tomato paste...

I used to have a cookbook called Half A Can of Tomato Paste and Other Culinary Dilemmas.  The whole point of the book was to help you use up the bits and pieces you have left over when you make dinner.  I am churning out Scrappy Trip Along blocks and even though I am supposed to be using up stuff to make the blocks, I am creating a bunch of scraps in the process.  You know, like the half a can of tomato paste dilemma.  So what did I do with some of the bits?  Tried my hand at paper piecing.

 I got a little worried because next month's bee block for the That Stash Bee is going to paper pieced and I have not done that much paper piecing.  EEP!  I like to be prepared so I found this block.    I put it together a little differently because I wanted to see the star straight away.  It went faster as I went along.  I used my stitch ripper a lot.  A lot.  Seriously. But... not bad.  Not perfect but not bad!  Do I want to make a whole quilt like this?  No!  Maybe...

Linking up with Judy's Design Wall Monday.  What's on your design wall?


  1. LOL, I think with paper piecing the more you do the more you get the hang of it! I am not that good at it I need to do more of it too!

  2. Dont cha just love paper piecing, you add a piece and then you cuss...then you add another one and you cheer, then repeat! The finished product is always worth it though right?? Watch your mailbox lady!

  3. Love the title of that cookbook; I could use one like that! Good luck with the paper piecing! It's very satisfying when it works but I've never done it without using my seam ripper!

  4. I tried paper piecing this weeken too. I made a paper pieced mini quilt. just loved it. keep up the good work you are an inspiration.