Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday and Just Three

I have been systematically taking care of business with my work in progress list.  That is the beauty of a 2 week vacation!

1)  A new quilt (grey, red and black) that I just started and is now a quilt top awaiting a back and quilting!  Woo Hoo!

2) Another star quilt which was just a bunch of blocks on the design wall.  Now awaiting quilting.  Huge progress!  Yippee!  

3) Proverbial Sunshine which is a top without a back  So done!  Proverbial Sunshine is a quilt!

4)  A swap item for a travel handmade swap with the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild which is no more than an idea.   Done!!!!!  Photos coming!

5) A block or two for a block lottery with my guild for January.  Well... I made one anyway and I am calling that a finish!  Apparently I did not take a picture of that!!!

6)  Bee Blocks for That Stash Bee... pulled fabric so it is a start.

7) Super secret project which is almost finished and has been consuming my attentions!

8)  Hair cut!     He he he.  Thought I would just sneak that in there too.  

Okay so for last month's Just Three Goals... how did I do?  Not bad considering I did finish Proverbial Sunshine which I did not even put on my list!

1.  Finish the new quilt    Which was the GIANT garden trellis quilt and it has been gifted and happily received!
2.  Finish the another star quilt
3.  Make my swap item.  

My Just Three Goals for January 2013 are as follows...

1.  Finish the another star quilt
2.  Complete the new quilt
3.  Bee Blocks!

So easy.  I can do this!

Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for Work In Progress Wednesday and with the Needle and Thread Network and Tracey for Just Three!


  1. that gray and black and white and red one is so clever... I love that design, but the fabric choices give it such an interesting look!
    Love the trellis and stars too!

    Thank you for linking up and good luck! :)

  2. Great job crossing things off your WIP list! I've been slowly working away at mine -- but I keep adding new projects too! :)

  3. Wow! great work! Love seeing what you are up to!

  4. I love the grey/red/black one! I am in the process of pulling fabric to make a grey/yellow/black quilt and this pattern looks perfectly suited! Thanks for helping me solve that mystery! :)

  5. Great finishes and a nice variety!

  6. Your projects are great, and I loved your inclusion of the hair cut. Got one, too, to save time to be able to create more ufos ;-).

  7. LOL... if you are like me I am such a shaggy dog by the time I get for a haircut that I'm ready to cut it ALL off. Love your projects! The layout of your star quilt is really different.