Friday, January 18, 2013

Happiness is...

Happiness is definitely a giant new cone of Aurifil.  This is the one that is 5900 metres.  That is a lot of thread and that makes me very happy.  Our wonderful little fabric shop orders it in for me.  They have a great selection of Aurifil at a VERY good price.  The Bent Needle.  In Mission.  If you live anywhere in the Fraser Valley, The Bent Needle is worth a visit.

The other thing that is making me happy is that tomorrow I pack up the sewing machine and head off for a sew in with my guild and the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild.  How much fun is that???  I wonder how much sewing will happen?  I am going to take my scrappy trip around the world blocks.

I am going to link my happy thoughts up with Felicity for Friday Felicities!  If you have any felicities to share, hop on over!  Pssst... she has a great giveaway today!


  1. So jealous of your sew-in date! Have fun!

  2. Happy Sew In Sewing! I just received an order of my first cones for my new Juki. Now I feel like a REAL quilter! They are so big.

  3. Hi Cathy:
    Check out Grace and Favour's blog: - she posted a quilt today that so reminded me of the gray and red one you showed yesterday. Carla, of Grace and Favour, lives in Kamloops and works at Katja's Quilt shop. I met her when I was up there in September.

  4. I loooove Aurifil. One of these days, I'll treat myself to a cone. It was wonderful to meet you in person at the sew-in today, Cathy! Thanks for linking up! :)