Tuesday, January 15, 2013


At the last guild meeting, I came home with this.  Cathy from The Steam Trunk Craftworks gave anyone that wanted some of this stuff.  She had some other interesting fibres too but I brought home this.  It is sari threads.  Fabulously silky.  The challenge is to do something with it and then a photo will be displayed in a big inspiration board at  Creative Stitches in March in Abbotsford  at the Steam Trunk booth.  Well.  Check out her website because she has very cool stuff.  But what to make.  I have 5 yards of it.  I have a few ideas so I have started out small.

And this will be incorporated into a pillow and it looks pretty rough right now.  Hopefully it will all come together.  Cross your fingers.  I am!


  1. I'm crossing my fingers for you! I just asked for crossed fingers at my blog, too. Will you cross yours for me?

  2. I just bought 5 skiens of this type of stuff from a supplier in ONtario, am planning a shawl with it, but it would be fun to use to embellish things too...