Thursday, March 1, 2012

Candy Bars and Granny Squares

I had a brain wave the other day.  I remembered that I had this...

I bought this last summer for 1/2 price and tucked it away safely.  I had an idea about what to do with it just the other day so got it out and had it sitting out in my sewing mess.  Husband walked by and saw the box which said...

It caught his attention because who doesn't like candy bars?  (Me, except the quilting kind because I don't eat chocolate.  Ya, strange, huh?)  He stopped, thinking that it was really candy bars and took a peak.  He was disappointed to open it and see fabric.  I think he felt supremely ripped off.  But I like what is inside just fine!

Yummy! These little guys are 2.5" by 5" and if I cut them in half, they will make perfect little granny squares pieces!!!!!  Isn't that a great brain wave!?  

And check this out... Husband's Christmas Cactus is blooming again!  It is just so lovely!


  1. Oh, oh, oh! Jealous!! Those are going to make the cutest Granny Squares ever!!

  2. Those candy bars look pretty yummy to me! and much healthier for me too!