Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday sewing...

Thrift stores were a bust today.  I have not had good luck lately at all.  (Scowly face)  I did, however get some sewing done today.  My Farmer's Wife blocks are piling up and the end is so close, I can taste it!!!  The pile numbers 100 blocks as of today and I am going to try to make a few more today.  Yippee!!!

I took this picture of one of the Farmer's Wife blocks in progress.  Just to show the absolute insanity of the little bits that these are made up of.  Good grief.  A bazillion and a half little triangles sewn into half a bazillion little squares which are then sewn together.  Who thought this up?  And what crazy quilters are doing this for fun?  Oh...  me.  He he he....

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  1. I admire the way you keep at it and I cant wait to see the finished beauty. I have always wanted to make a patchwork quilt.
    Lovely work :-)

  2. Yep, you are certifiable but I am loving the blocks so keep going!

  3. I was sewing black, white, and yellow this weekend too. Hopefully I'll have a post on my blog by Tuesday.'s a secret until it's done.