Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Farmer's Wife Blocks: week 41 (I think!)

Lots of blocks

Block #99 W.C.T.U  (what?)

Block # 74 Ribbons

Block # 38 Four Winds
Block #48 Homeward Bound

Block: Honey's Choice

Well, I got super busy with these little pesky blocks this weekend and I made a whack of them.  The end is so close, I can taste it!

I am well on my way to 111 blocks.  I think one more blitz next Saturday and I will be done!!!!  Then comes the task of sashing and arranging.  I am really wondering if I should stick with white or try something a little out of the box.  I was actually thinking of a yellow pin dot or something.  Nothing super whacky but different nonetheless.  All of these blocks were fine to put together.  There were just way too many little itty bitty triangles for my liking. 

In my ideal world, I would have this finished in time to enter it into Rachel's scrap attack linky party a the end of the month.  It would totally fit the bill since the whole shebang is made with bits and pieces of scrap-tacularness.

On a completely unrelated note, I am obsessed with tracking the shipment of my new iPad.  It has been parked in Louisville, Kentucky, of all places, since last Friday.  Get it moving, Apple!  Apparently they cannot allow people to have them before stores have them, so I wait.  Impatiently.


  1. I love block #99, yellow and blue together is a perfect combination. My guest bedroom has those same colors. I love my iPad2 but would love the newest model of the iPad. Hope it get delivered to you quickly.

  2. WCTU stands for Women's Christian Temperance Union.

  3. My brain is filled with this kind of trivia. Great blocks! :)

  4. you must be so excited to be getting close to the end of this lovely quilt! Love these blocks - as usual!