Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just a little iPad cozy...

 This is my second attempt at an iPad cozy.  More on that below.  I used some samples of some home decor weight fabric.  The pieces were not big enough on their own so I pieced them together.  I added some quilt batting for iPad protection but only quilted the flap.  Just because.  The cozy construction was very similar to a zippy pouch without a zipper.  I used hair ties for a closure with some vintage buttons for fun.  I lined the inside with a very soft thrifted purple sheet.  And I put a pocket on the back just in case I needed to tuck in the cord for recharging.  This is a funny picture that makes the cozy look out of square but it really isn't.  Trust me!  Too funny!

My iPad fits inside easily and is nice and happy to and from school.  It also looks nice and springy!  Very fashionable for the well-dressed iPad if I do say so myself.  The sheet was really the perfect colour match for the print on the front.

Now for full disclosure.  Below is my first attempt.  Also lovely fabric and made the same way except at first it was just a touch too small .  Heavy sigh!  I was not happy.  I decided to try to fix it.  I took out the lining and added a little gusset on either side then lined the whole thing again and we were good to go.  But it looks a little odd because the flap closure is too small.  Heavy sigh. And Husband gave me the look.  You know that look.   So I started over.  And now I have a spare just in case.  With velcro to close the flap rather than buttons.  And that is my full iPad, not happy, too small confession!  Keeping it real, folks!

I am going to link up with Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story!


  1. Sometimes you just can't get everything perfect the first time but that is how we learn. Love both actually. I am sure you will find something to do with the original one.

  2. Love the button closure! Great project...and I love that you shared the process with us!!