Thursday, March 8, 2012

Farmer's Wife Quilt Along: Week 40

Block #64  Peace and Plenty

Block #  Strawberry Basket or Husband called it Fish on the Bank

Block #78 Shooting Star

Block # 62 Old Windmill

Week 40!  Amazing!  This week I made 4 blocks!  I can almost taste the finish line!  I used very similar colours for the shooting star block as they did in the book.  I did this on purpose because I really did not want to tax my brain anymore than I needed to as this block had all sorts of reversed pieces.  Anyway, I am perfectly content with it.  I fussy cut strawberries for the strawberry basket.  So cute!  And I put on my big girl pants and did the 2 blocks with many half square triangles.  Phew!  So I think I must be very close to 100 blocks and that means the countdown is really on to 111!!!!!!!

Husband likes to guess the names of the blocks when I made them.  As I love sharing (showing off) the blocks as I make them, he has become strangely creative with coming up with block names.  This is why the strawberry basket block is on its side not on point.  He says it should be called Fish on the Bank.  So silly.  But it does sort of look like that!

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