Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Stash

Fun fat quarters... can you name them?

Really not coordinating roll ends... can you name these ones?

I am really getting a lot of sewing related fabric.  
I popped into my favourite and fabulous local quilt shop yesterday after the thrift stores failed to deliver.  I was looking to see if they had any scrap bags.  I just so love scrap bags.  No scrap bags but I did pick up a couple of roll ends and fat quarters were buy 2 get one free.  Yummy!

I am off to the spa with the card ladies this afternoon.  So seriously exciting.  We play Whist for money (not much money... not like we are wild gamblers!) and have saved all the money from the last year and a half and now we are going to blow a big chunk of it on the spa.  Wahoo!  Then dinner and cards afterwards.  I love my card ladies!  They are just the best!!!

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  1. I only recognize the scissor print. Half Moon Modern, right? I think...
    Anyway, good haul!

  2. Love those spools - so cool! Hope you enjoy your spa trip!

  3. That scissor fabric is awesome!