Sunday, March 4, 2012

What's on the design wall?

Granny Squares!!!  I want to tell you what went on in sewing land today.  It took me awhile to get going because I was messing around with scraps for most of the day.  Sawdust as Husband calls them.  I made this square the other day from a Fandango Candy Bar.  And I have to say.... mmehh...

It just didn't do it for me.  I think the fact that it was all from the same line, it just looked all sort of the same.  This line didn't have the ... "Kabam!"  that I seem to like.  So I put it aside and did this...

I cut a bunch of scraps into 2.5" squares.  And I mean a bunch of scraps.  Then I piled them in block piles. That is, a centre square, the 4 inner squares and the 8 outer squares.  I decided not to be super scrappy just scrappy scrappy.  I don't know how many blocks I will need.  I am just going to make a whole pile of them until I have enough.  The quilt will just grow until it is done.  

It really helps to have a space to lay out the block as you sew.  I add the 4 corner setting triangles at the very end.  I used a combination of tutorials for these granny squares.  Blue Elephant Stitches for the initial inspiration.  Tracey for the measurements.  I like her setting triangle method which is the same as my book.  My book calls this Grandmother's Pride and has the measurements for all different sizes of this block.  I think mine finish at about 7.5 ".

 This is a great book people!  I have said it before and I'm saying it again!!!  And then we have the start of a scrappy Granny Square quilt!

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  1. This is going to be a lovely quilt when it is done. and I agree with you re fandango block - just not as much punch as you would like - a pretty block but not as effective as the others.

  2. I love the Granny blocks! I've joined the Postage Stamp Quilt Challenge and have yet to settle on a design. Yours is VERY pretty!