Sunday, April 15, 2012

Evolving Baby Quilt...

Okay, this is not a great picture but I wanted to talk about this baby quilt on the design wall.  I keep changing it.  I kept staring at it this past week and decided it was not making me totally happy.  So I added the green pin dots in between each little block and I started feeling better.  I stare at my design wall when I am on the torture cycle (a.k.a. stationary bike).  Today while on the bike, I could see all the blocks I need to move around and tweak to balance all the dots and stuff.  I also want to have all the trees standing upright.  I will fix that.  I guess the design wall is a good spot.  Double benefit.  Exercise and quilt tweaking.

On the exercise front, I also got an extreme upper body workout today because I quilted my Farmer's Wife quilt.  Yep.  I did.  90' square of quilt beast. I can feel the impact of all that pushing fabric in my shoulders.  Ack!   Just the binding and we can call it done!  I cannot wait!

Pretties in the garden!

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  1. well done on getting the FW quilted! What an achievement that quilt will be! It is great having the design wall where you can see it a lot and think things long as you like what you are seeing.

  2. Way to go on your quilting. It certainly is an upper body workout!! Your flowers are beautiful.