Wednesday, April 25, 2012

From the Rhubarb Patch...

We have pretty deep sinks and the sink is filled with the first big rhubarb harvest.  Husband says it is just the beginning.  This represents 33 pounds of rhubarb goodness.  It is really so exciting that this humble, old-fashioned plant comes up each spring.  It never asks for anything and yet, produces hundreds of pounds of food for us, our friends and family.  It is a wonderful thing.

Happy spring!


  1. So funny - I just put a rhubarb 'dump cake' in the oven with our first picking! Do you fertilize your rhubarb and if so when and what? Our stalks are very thin, I think they need food, but hubby doesn't agree! If I show him your photo, maybe he'll change his mind!!

  2. Oh I adore Rhubarb! Its so yummy! I envy you!

  3. I have never eaten it nor grown it - what are you going to do with all of it? Do you preserve it?