Wednesday, April 4, 2012

He's baking up a storm!

He just keeps on baking.  Isn't that just the most beautiful bread?   YUMMY!  Husband is baking up a storm because it's Easter and Mum is coming to stay.

And Mum arrived.  She always brings a car load of treasures and today was no exception.  Not only did she bring me a old recipe book of my Great Gramma's with hand written recipes and pasted recipe clippings but she brought me a BAG of vintage sheets!!!  Woo hoo!  I have yet to take pictures but believe me when I say... AWESOME!

So there.  Now to visit with my mum.  Have a lovely evening!!!!


  1. What treats are you going to be having this weekend? I am rationing myself one hot cross bun on Easter Sunday for breakfast, a couple small eggs so i don't rip my boys' chocolates out of their hands and as my nephew is coming to dinner from the other side of the country on Monday a special lamb roast - then back to the no-fun diet. Have a wonderful Easter with your mum and hurry up with those pics please!

  2. Bread looks yummy! What fun to have your Mum come and with treats.